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Put Your Business On The Path To Success With An Attorney Who Knows Business Law

Put Your Business On The Path To Success With An Attorney Who Knows Business Law

Ah! The joys of entrepreneurship…the excitement, the collaborations, the paperwork, the legal entity, the fears of overlooking any one necessity… 

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed by the pressure to maintain good legal standing while your focus is solely on growing your business. The intricacies of being a business owner are the most common reason people hold back from starting the business of their dreams. 

A relationship with a good business attorney means you don’t have to fear the worst. Instead you can run your business confidently knowing you have someone looking out for your best interest. When starting and running a successful business, having expert business law knowledge is an absolute must. Unless you’re planning on going to law school and spending years gaining this expertise, it’s time to welcome a business law attorney into your business (and life).

The Importance Of Business Law

Texas is a relatively business-friendly state. Hence why there are constantly new businesses opening in the lone star state. (Hello to the innumerable micro-breweries calling Houston home!)

Despite the comfort of southern hospitality, the requirements to be legally compliant are still robust. And this is why business law is so important.

Business attorneys specialize in business law, which is extraordinarily different from family law, healthcare, criminal, etc. If you’re considering taking a DIY approach, consider the years of knowledge and expertise you lack. Moreover, DIY or hiring a jack-of-all-trades attorney can leave you and your business in a vulnerable situation. 

Without expert legal representation, a vulnerable situation could quickly spiral out of control. When this happens, your overwhelming to-do list could begin to include litigation, court costs, and a whole lot more paperwork. 

Business Law Keeps Your Company Running Smoothly From The Start

Unless this is your first rodeo, you are probably well aware of the vastness encompassing business law. Everything from forming the company to drafting documents needs to be done correctly.

Then, take into consideration vendor contracts, buy-sell agreements, NDAs, intellectual property, etc. And these are just hitting the surface of managing and running a business. Because, you must also acknowledge how real estate, secure transactions, security laws, estate planning, and probate also tie in. 

To run a business properly, you have to be able to manage a wealth of transactions. But you also need to be able to acknowledge when it’s time to involve an expert. 

Having an attorney who specializes in business law gives you peace of mind knowing that person can handle the business side of things. And if issues come up exceeding your business attorney’s expertise – they know when and who to call for reinforcement. 

Looking for representation for your business? Don’t go at it alone. Reach out to Carson Law today.

The Benefits Of A Business Attorney In Your Corner

Business attorneys practice business law daily. Not only can business attorneys answer client questions quickly, but they can also predict and solve issues before they occur. 

For instance, consider a business owner who is ready to form an LLC and really start growing her brand. While this might seem like a simple task, this client wouldn’t be wise to ask their criminal defense buddy to take it on. 

Why? Because a criminal defense attorney is unlikely to understand the process and foresee possible complications.

On the other hand, a business attorney understands the process intimately and knows the precursors to moving forward. 

For example, a client may be surprised to learn that in their two years of business, someone else created a business with the same name. But this other business moved fast and filed its certificate of formation. The other business now has legal rights to the business name, leaving said client in a difficult position. 

In this case, a simple LLC formation can snowball into trademark infringement. If this client proceeds without first consulting an intellectual property attorney, the situation could result in a denial of formation or even litigation. Another attorney may have gone forward with filing that LLC, only to find out the trademark is unavailable afterward. 

While this is just a small example of business law in action, the possibilities of similar situations are innumerable. Plus, a business attorney can also negotiate with that LLC of the same name. Is there a geographical distinction? Could they co-exist? Or is rebranding the best course of action?

Having a proactive business attorney on your side is much easier and cost-effective than going against the opposition further down the line.


Experience Leads To Business Law Expertise

Texas attorneys don’t choose to focus on business law through a quick course or even on a whim. 

While some attorneys recognize their calling in law school and choose to take those electives, most become business attorneys after years of experience. Throughout their practice, they determine this sect of law works best with their talents and interests. 

However one decides to follow business law, their experience and continuing education set them apart as experts. Texas requires 15 continuing education (CE) hours each year. Many of us choose to go above and beyond these requirements. By completing 80 hours of CE within 3 years, and then following that with 30 hours a year, attorneys can become members of the Texas Bar College. 

These hours of additional education help attorneys enhance and stay up to date on the knowledge in their area. 

As a member of the Texas Bar College and having earned a Juris Doctorate degree, Heather Carson holds leading-edge knowledge of business law. Contact Carson Law to find out how we can help you grow your business while remaining compliant. 

Knowing When Your Business Needs Expert Legal Advice

While we recommend hiring a business attorney to help start your business, we understand that many people realize this a little too late. 

Often, clients come to us once they are ready to make a big change or because their business has found itself in a bad situation. In contrast, others decide to hire an attorney at the wet paper napkin stage. (You know, that phase of having an idea and getting your ducks in a row to start a new business.) 

A business attorney has your best interest at the forefront, from formations and avoiding trademark infringement to operating agreements and intellectual property. If at any point you don’t fully understand everything going on in your business, that is the sign to call in an expert in business law. 

Business Attorneys Know When To Collaborate 

Hiring a jack-of-all-trades attorney, also known as a general practitioner attorney, makes sense if you reside in a very small town. But when it comes to your business’ success, you need an attorney who has more than a basic understanding of business law. 

While Carson Law will happily handle basic estate issues, we often refer to our estate planning experts for more complex situations. This is for the same reason we would call on criminal defense or family attorneys if situations arose needing their expertise.

Choosing to specialize in business law means we have not specialized in estate planning, criminal, or family law. And to do our jobs well, business attorneys must know when to call in attorneys of other specialties. We do this because it is best for the client, their business, and even their family. 

At Carson Law, we want to see our clients succeed and ultimately provide for their families. 

Downfalls Of Forgoing A Business Attorney

There are plenty of business owners who operate without the help of an attorney. For some, it works out. These are the business owners with enough know-how and discipline to cross every t and dot every i, along with foreseeing and preventing serious complications. 

However, more times than not, business owners find themselves getting in over their heads. Whether they don’t understand what they’re signing or undergoing transactions without comprehending the implications, things can go south quickly.

And if your brother is an attorney in a specialty other than business, at least that’s something. At the end of the day, having some representation may be better than none at all. But you won’t be getting the quality of representation that you may need.

As we mentioned above, non-business attorneys aren’t as intimately familiar with processes and the ability to foresee and avoid issues before they occur. By forgoing a business attorney, to either DIY or using a non-business attorney, you are setting yourself up for:

  • Risking liability
  • Likely paying more than you should
  • Not being paid because of contract issues
  • Not in legal compliance
  • Warping your budget
  • Risking your entire business

Set your business up for success from the very beginning. Carson Law makes it possible and accessible.

Carson Law Is Changing The Game In Accessibility To Business Law

Many people assume they can’t afford a business attorney, so they go about their lives and businesses on hope and a prayer. 

Carson Law recognized the limited resources available to entrepreneurs and small business owners and decided to do something about it. Now, small business owners can get the representation they need to properly and successfully run their businesses, without breaking the bank.

Contact Carson Law today to find out how we can help your business thrive.