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How To Deal With Breach Of Contract?

Business is great, life is good, and then… you realize someone hasn’t fulfilled their end of a contract. You wonder if there has been a breach of contract. You hope that it wasn’t malicious intent, but you saw the perpetrator read the fine print. And they told you they understood everything before signing.  As a…

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Put Your Business On The Path To Success With An Attorney Who Knows Business Law

Ah! The joys of entrepreneurship…the excitement, the collaborations, the paperwork, the legal entity, the fears of overlooking any one necessity…  It’s normal to feel overwhelmed by the pressure to maintain good legal standing while your focus is solely on growing your business. The intricacies of being a business owner are the most common reason people…

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Incorporate A Business In Texas FAQs

Opening a business is an exciting, and often scary, time. The possibilities for success are endless, but so are the chances of failure. This is why it is so important to get your ducks in a row from the very beginning.  While doing it all yourself is possible, the variables of the unknown may make…

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Business Partnership Mistakes To Avoid

Preparing to go into business with someone is an inspiring time, but it’s unfortunately also common for major mistakes to be made due to all the initial excitement.  So how do you get your business off the ground and maintain a healthy business partnership?  You can start by avoiding the most common business partnership mistakes.…

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Understanding The Protections Of An LLC

You filed the paperwork and your business formation is officially an LLC.  Congratulations! Now let’s come back to reality. Not to rain on your parade, but simply becoming an LLC doesn’t necessarily protect you personally. However, if properly formed and maintained, an LLC will have what is called a corporate veil which is what separates…

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