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Announcing the Carson Family First-Generation Scholarship

Announcing the Carson Family First-Generation Scholarship

A Note from Dr. Heather Carson- 

I am pleased to announce the Carson Family First-Generation Scholarship at Texas Tech University School of Law. This scholarship will provide needed financial assistance to first-generation college students. 

I know the challenges of being a first-generation college student. I did not start college until I was in my twenties, graduating undergrad at 25 and law school at 28; I was considered a non-traditional student. I freely admit to making many mistakes along the way, many of them costing time, opportunities, and money. 

My parents greatly valued education. My father, Bill, graduated high Monterey High School in Lubbock, Texas, and promptly joined the Army during the Vietnam War.  My mother, Mary, graduated high school and started college after her military service, but the demands of life and motherhood never allowed her to complete her degree.  They both stressed the importance of education throughout my life- both formal and informal.  Their love and unwavering belief that I could complete any task that I put my dedication to allowed me to overcome every obstacle in completing my education. 

I have struggled with finding the right way to honor my parents in a lasting way.  This scholarship allows their legacy- their value of education and my father’s Texas roots – to support future generations. 

My husband and I have provided the endowment corpus; I am further pledging ten percent of Carson Law’s profits to increase the endowment over the next five years. I’m excited to grow businesses throughout Texas and Arizona and give back to the community.

All the best,